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This journey all begins for us, me in particular with a beautiful Spring evening, sitting outside, I was reflecting on the meaning of Spring. The explosion of life coming out of dormancy, the birds singing all around me, the warmth of the setting sun, and I realized that Spring is a time to bounce back from darkness, and a time to begin again. The new liveliness around me made me realize that there is more to life than work, sleep, and food. The squirrels dig in their caches of stored nuts for their first meals of the year, the birds working the ground to find worms, the pollinators searching for those first flower blooms of the year, and I thought “Only recently have we not had to work for our food; we are completely disconnected from the food that we eat; where it comes from, what the ingredients are, and how it really affects our health.” That disconnect made me start thinking about what it is that we truly eat, and what is in our food, so off to the pantry I went. Most of the ingredients listed on foods we eat every day had things I couldn’t even pronounce and that bugged me. This made me want simplify our lives, and know exactly where our food is coming from and what goes into the meals we eat. This journey is all about us working as a family and to live our life to its potential. Full of life, home grown and with plenty down to earth values.

                 I plan to bring you along with me and my wife, Casey, and our two kids on our journey to simplify our lives, become debt free, and eventually move out of the city life into the country. This journey is really just beginning and will be full of surprises, hard work, and lots of laughs. I don’t know as much as I would like to about homesteading, so I will be learning the whole way through, but I will be sharing with you the things I learn and the mistakes I make. I hope to give you a glance into how we live our everyday lives, and show you that we make mistakes and are nowhere near perfect. Although we aren’t perfect, we do live a happy life.

                Homesteading, to me, is a lifestyle that will be able to help me get closer to my family and be able to make my living doing something I am truly passionate about. Everyone will have a different definition of what homesteading means to them, and for me, it is growing your own food, preserving the food that you grow, making an income from the land that you work, and being able to involve the whole family. Not very long ago, our ancestors worked hard for the food they provided their families, they didn’t waste food like we do now because they didn’t just look at it as a dollar sign, they saw the work that went into producing that meal, they knew what it took to work the ground, to spend countless hours under the sun picking weeds and nurturing the plants to even be able to harvest the food that grew. That hard work put a much higher value on the food they ate. This value carried over into every aspect of their lives, from the food, to their clothes, to their homes and furniture. It is a value of things we have lost in recent time, and it is a value, I admit I have lost as well. It is a value I want to bring back into my life and be able to pass along to my children and their children. Homesteading will only give you back what you are willing to put into it, and the way I plan to live my homesteading life, I will be giving it my all. Right now, we are in the very beginning, and over the last year I have devoted most of my free time into doing research about different aspects of a homestead, from gardens, to animals, to permaculture. This research has made me realize that the life we are living now is not what makes me happy. I want to be on a farm and living the life of hard work. I want to quit the rat race and be able to have a diversified farm. We will get there soon, but in the mean time I will keep plugging away to get there.

                We have “normal” jobs that we work 5 days a week, as well as trying to learn this homesteading thing, so we are always busy and tired. I work a first shift job in an RV factory as a cabinet builder, and Casey works a second shift job at the local home improvement store as a cashier. Our time together is sometimes short and broken between errands and work shifts but we always find the time to work on things and spend time with the kids together. We even work in some time for a family trip to a park or a zoo. We are trying to become as self-sufficient as possible to not have to work separate shifts and spend more time as a family. Our homesteading life is based around our family, and we include our kids in every aspect we can. They have the opportunity to learn, have the memories with us, and most of all, we love their goofiness. We all have our serious moments in life and I am here to tell you that we need to give up some of those and embrace the silly, the laughter, and the unwavering love that life surrounds us with. I have not yet found that balance, but I am working on it everyday to become a better version of myself than I was yesterday. This journey will hopefully show you that we are growing as individuals and as a family.

                We are not professional bloggers, and I am sure you have noticed we are not the best writers, but we have a story to tell, and want you to come along with us. I can’t say for sure what direction we will go with the blog entirely, but we hope you follow along with us, even if you just come to laugh with us (or at us the whole time.) We have a lot to learn still and will be sharing the way we do things with you as well as learning from the comments you leave us. We will be interacting with you on a daily basis, even if we only post a new blog every couple of days. We will also be launching a Facebook page soon so you can follow along there as well.

                Until next time,

                (We’re still working on our tagline)

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