3 Color- Face Grain Cutting Board with Juice Groove 9″x13″

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Our cutting boards are all handcrafted with carefully selected wood to bring beauty and functionality to your kitchen. The 9″x13″ size is perfect for smaller kitchens, campers, and apartments. The juice groove in this board is there to catch any liquids produced from cutting, weather its from some juicy fruits like watermelon, or from a perfect;y cooked steak. There are many benefits to using a wood cutting board over others you can buy, which include:

  • Your knives will stay sharp longer
  • You will not be ingesting micro pieces of plastic
  • You will only need to purchase one time, (wood can be refinished infinitely to bring back the “new” look)
  • Easy to clean
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Wood is a zero waste product
  • Reversible

When ordering you will need to select the colors that will be in your cutting board. The default is for the builder to select the colors, but if you want specifics you need to choose.

  • Primary color will be the center piece color and will be the largest section.
  • Secondary color will be the second the color with the second most wood.
  • Highlight color will be your contrasting color, and will typically only be a stripe or 2 in the board.


We build every cutting board to order, in order to keep the highest quality, and as such our average shipping time will be 14 days.


Wood Cutting Board Care

1 review for 3 Color- Face Grain Cutting Board with Juice Groove 9″x13″

  1. Wendy Turner

    We received a cutting board as a gift and I think it just may be too nice to use. Beautiful craftsmanship and quality. Highly recommended!!!

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